Virtual EMDR for Performance Improvement

EMDR based performance improvement method is best for professionals who want to implement healthy habits into their life but struggle with the mental game of self doubt and negative beliefs about themselves and their own abilities.

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Our Performance Enhancement services are provided by licensed clinicians who are trained to take you beyond a life coach.

We partner with you to develop personal and professional goals, help you realize the negative patterns and limiting beliefs in your life to map out actionable plans to eradicate or improve them.

The goal of Hopeful Heart Counseling, is to help you become the best version of yourself and achieve great things in various aspects of your life.

We offer a non-judgmental professional relationship where you can openly discuss your mental, emotional, and behavioral issues.

We can also help you arrive at the best decisions as you face major changes in life, ensuring that you have accounted for all the necessary factors and have a realistic expectation of what you’ll face next.

EMDR therapy assists with performance improvement by working to help reduce anxiety and focus on boosting confidence by completing a thorough history and teaching stabilization and calming skills to utilize between sessions.

You and your therapist will assess and target any PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE thoughts that are related to any current mental blocks the you may be experiencing. During your EMDR therapy sessions, your therapist will help guide you to specifically identify and focus on the limiting thought or memory.

EMDR works to target the negative memory(s) or beliefs until the client is able to fully dismantle and process negative beliefs associated with their professional or personal goals. It thus frees them to find hope that they can improve and develop the confidence to achieve their goals.

*Disclaimer: Since EMDR is client specific in addressing an individual’s past and present issues related to their own performance to improve their future work, progress is based on the client’s pace. Every goal is meticulously developed based on an individual’s specific needs, meaning the number of sessions and progress will vary form person to person*.

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