Virtual EMDR Therapy

Part of what makes EMDR so effective is that it does not just address your thoughts and feelings, as regular psychotherapy does, but creates a mind-body connection.

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Move towards closure as you begin to think about your past in a new way.


EMDR works by desensitizing you to past experiences so that old memories no longer seem so upsetting.  This innovative form of treatment discovered by psychotherapist Francine Shapiro in 1987.

She discovered that rapidly moving the eyes back and forth (similar to what occurs during the REM phase of sleep) while processing a negative event helps a person become less upset and helps them better work through their difficulties. Since then, it has been further developed into a highly specialized form of therapy.


EMDR therapy can help you overcome your past and step into your future 

The mind-body connection signature to EMDR is achieved by guiding you in combining your memories with how your body feels, what emotions you may have, what negative thoughts come up for you, and what sensations you experience in your body as you remember these past experiences.

The EMDR process helps you to release the impact of trauma from your mind and body so that you can feel stronger, safer, and more secure.