Losing someone you love (e.g., parent, sibling, child, family, friend, pet) can be difficult for anyone.

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It is normal to feel sad, angry, or regretful.


To ensure that you can grieve in a healthy manner, talking to an expert grief counselor can help.

However, moving forward and adjusting to a life without your lost loved one is also part of the grieving process.


The grief that comes with a loss can significantly vary from one person to another. Although rushing the process won’t be helpful, it is best to talk to an expert when you have prolonged and intense grieving symptoms.

*Disclaimer: Since EMDR is client specific in addressing an individual’s past and present issues related to their own performance to improve their future work, progress is based on the client’s pace. Every goal is meticulously developed based on an individual’s specific needs, meaning the number of sessions and progress will vary from person to person*. Call today and schedule your consultation to find out if EMDR would be right for you“.