Virtual EMDR for Anxiety

Anxiety can lead to an individual becoming more reclusive and even impair his or her ability to maintain meaningful relationships, find joy, or even maintain gainful employment.

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Do any of these situations resonate with you?:



  • Worrying excessively.
  • Avoiding certain situations due to anxiety or fear.
  • Unable to control your fear and anxiety levels.
  • Find yourself mentally “checking out” when you are anxious

One anxious thought or memory can snowball into something that becomes all consuming. Together we will identify anxious thoughts and feelings even the dreaded physical sensations that show up in our bodies and learn how to process them.

Getting the help you need to overcome your anxiety is a process.

With EMDR or CPT therapy, it is possible to learn how to work through those distressing memories and thoughts so that anxiety no longer gets to be in the driver seat of your life. In therapy we will also develop practical tools that you can use outside of sessions in your everyday life, to help develop new healthier coping skills

Not all types of therapeutic treatment work for everyone. It’s important to understand that an anxiety treatment program takes time. And you will have to try things out to find what works best for you, but we are here to help you navigate the right fit. If you or someone you love is experiencing prolonged anxiety schedule a consultation today.