Virtual EMDR Therapy for Childhood Trauma

People who went through a traumatic experience may have the tendency to suppress their negative thoughts and emotions to themselves. Others will resort to drastic coping mechanisms like aggression, poor boundaries, cycling into another abusive relationship.

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With us, you can have a solid support system that may help you gradually move on from the traumatic childhood event(s) you experienced.


One traumatic event can affect different people in varying intensities. However, even those who seem fine on the outside still need as much support as those evidently struggling with their trauma.

We will help you make sense of all the emotions you are feeling at the moment or the absence of any emotion at all. With your cooperation, we work to guide you on how to deal with trauma in a healthy manner.

Trauma from your past doesn’t have to dictate or impact your future. Therapy makes it possible to learn healthier coping skills, find meaningful relationships, discover your value and purpose.

Our licensed therapists are here to support and help you navigate your journey toward a more fulfilling life. Hopeful Heart Counseling can help evaluate and improve your situation through evidence based EMDR, which has been proven to help thousands of other survivors of childhood trauma find healing.

*Disclaimer: Since EMDR is client specific in addressing an individual’s past and present issues related to their own performance to improve their future work, progress is based on the client’s pace. Every goal is meticulously developed based on an individual’s specific needs, meaning the number of sessions and progress will vary from person to person*. Call today and schedule your consultation to find out if EMDR would be right for you.