A Word from Our Founder

“I am so glad you have taken the first step toward healing by seeking to connect with a therapist to talk to. If you are here, you are likely wondering about who we are and whether this is the right place for you. Whatever your journey in life, it’s ok not to be ok and to take time to deal with those deeper, truer feelings.

I believe in being honest and as authentic as I can be as a therapist for each of my clients. To me, you are not a burden, your feelings and thoughts are welcomed. Being able to connect with and trust your therapist is vital for a healthy therapeutic setting because therapy is a collaboration.

So whether you are a busy business professional needing a lunch or early morning session, a stay at home parent that doesn’t have a babysitter or an individual who just feels more comfortable meeting remotely, let’s set up a consultation to see how I may help you today.”

– Ciara Helm, LCSW       

Hopeful Heart Counseling is here to empower you to process your past and move towards healing and a brighter future.



Part of what makes EMDR so effective is that it does not just address your thoughts and feelings, as regular psychotherapy does, but it also creates awareness to the physical symptoms of distressing thoughts or memories.


CPT is an active treatment with written assignments where you as the client practice the skills and apply them moving forward in your life.

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