Online Therapy Services

We offer virtual teletherapy for Florida residents, meeting you right where you are. Now there’s no need for you to waste time driving to an office, waiting in a stuffy waiting room. Therapy can be accessible and convenient and just as effective with virtual services. At Hopeful Heart Counseling, we offer EMDR therapy and CPT.

Online Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety can lead to an individual becoming more reclusive and even impair his or her ability to maintain meaningful relationships, find joy, or even maintain gainful employment.

Online Therapy for Grief

Losing someone you love (e.g., parent, sibling, child, family, friend, pet) can be difficult for anyone.

Online Therapy for Childhood Trauma

People who went through a traumatic experience may have the tendency to suppress their negative thoughts and emotions to themselves. Others will resort to drastic coping mechanisms like aggression, poor boundaries, cycling into another abusive relationship.

Performance Booster

EMDR based performance improvement method is best for professionals who want to implement healthy habits into their life but struggle with the mental game of self doubt and negative beliefs about themselves and their own abilities.